HELIOS laser tag has more quality options to enhance the laser game experience than any of our competitors. Check out our exciting, innovative devices and software available to our HELIOS and HELIOS PRO clients below.  

Zone Arena TargetsZone Arena Targets

Check out our new multicolor, multifunction, Zone Arena Targets that are placed near your bases for a variety of points and power ups depending on what color the targets are flashing. This brings more versatility and options to your laser tag game. To see our video and what the targets can do, click here.

Clink StationsClink Stations

Clink Stations offer the ability for those waiting on your observation deck to play against those already in the arena. When the remote player tags a player in the arena, they score points on the game kiosk and compete for high scores - while players in the arena are notified that they are under attack by sound and LED light effects on their vest and phaser. To read more about this fantastic option for both HELIOS and HELIOS PRO, click here.


Used to re-energize packs during game play, these devices can help in designing game formats for team building and corporate events. Energizers also help eliminate problems with players staying in one spot for too long as they will have to re-energize once they have run out of shots or activations. To read more, click here.

Illuminated Vesting RacksIlluminated Vesting Racks

Vesting racks of any kind are a must for any system, but our led vesting racks are a visual element that is sure to impress any crowd. Our light up racks can change any of our packs 8 colors. Click here to read more!

Zone Membership CardsMemberships

Memberships offer the ability to challenge and reward your most experienced players with a host of options and abilities not offered to the regular walk-in customer. Membership software allows your members to view their progress and game history over a period of time. You can generate reports and award seasonal prices based on your members performance. you can read more about our Memberships by clicking here.


MinesInteractive device that can tag back at players during the game. Mines add a whole new level to excitement as players have to guard themselves against both foe and environment! Click here to learn more!

Android Devices for Technology

androidlogoWith the advent of Android, installing expensive and often large Windows PCs are over. Today the Android TV boxes can support a huge range of operating needs, thus reducing your expenditure and installation costs allowing you to bring out the most in your location.

For more information on what our Android Devices can do for your facility, click here.

More than just laser tag!

At Zone Laser Tag, we offer much more than just laser tag vests and phasers. Click the images below to see why more operators trust Zone!

  • Software


    The HELIOS Laser Tag Software offers a variety of features to help in the operations of your system.

    With our incredible software features, operators can access touchscreen technology, Android tablet compatible software and print or reprint game scorecards. You can also view games or minutes played, online devices, license details, pay for play status and vests status and much more!

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  • Financing


    Zone Laser Tag offers numerous financing plans to enable the industry's best laser tag equipment to be utilized in your facility.

    Our Best Price for any laser tag product will always be the cash price or the non-financed price. We offer an additional discount on the equipment pricing for those laser tag ventures that do not require financing from Zone Laser Tag. The cash discount price is also available to those who work with a strategic partner, Firestone Financial.

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  • Options


    HELIOS laser tag has more quality options to enhance the laser game experience than any of our competitors. Check out our exciting, innovative devices and software available to our HELIOS and HELIOS PRO clients below.

    Some of our amazing Helios options include, Mines, energizers, arena targets, game stations, memberships, player information kiosks and more!

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  • News


    Keep up with the latest Zone Laser Tag installations and news announcements!

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  • Research


    Avoid costly mistakes and learn revenue generating techniques based on our 25+ year experience in the industry!

    Our staff have written several articles that can help operators make their laser tag attractions a huge success and avoid bad ideas and practices that have popped up in our industry.

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