Zone Advantage Program


The Zone Advantage Program is a premiere program available to by Zone clients that are enrolled at the time of the purchase of their high quality laser tag equipment directly from by Zone.

The benefits are numerous and all designed to help the operator maintain the most profitable laser tag business possible.  These benfits are being expanded all the time but include:


Save 25% - Off of the list price for your entire laser tag equipment and accessories at the time of the contract.

Customer Care Concierge - Access personalize assistance in operations and management of your laser tag attraction.
Marketing Concierge - Have a marketing expert on speed dial!  A dedicated expert to offer marketing ideas and suggestions for you.
Access to:

  • Constantly updated marketing materials    
  • New model images as we do several photo shoots every year                 
  • Updated manuals and guides                   
  • Updated royalty free music - We create 1 new CD every year

Firmware upgrades on the hardware                    
Membership Internet Hosting Software fee of $500 annually waived                   
New Set of phaser cables every 2 years

TECH SUPPORT                  
24-hour 365 days Emergency tech support of mission critical components                    
Tech support phone calls during normal business hours  

ZAP ItemsDISCOUNTS FROM LASERTAG.COM BY ZONE                           
10% Discount on optional components for the arena OR 120 days same as cash                    
10% Discount on additional packs OR 180 days same as cash                    
5% Discount on spare parts and supplies ordered
15% Discount battery discount on complete battery replacement (all packs at once)

Subscription to Tourists Attractions and Parks Magazine
Discount at Froggy's Fog on fog and haze juice
Discount at Creative Work's online FEC Store

Discounted rate for the annual Laser Tag Convention    
Limited Foundations University - limited number of scholarships available
Limited TrainerTainment - limited number of scholarships available
Limited Laser Tag 360 - limited number of scholarships available
Limited FEC Success - limited number of scholarships available

In-House Training - Send unlimited staff members to any of our training locations around the country for refreshers in operations, marketing and management.

This program is available starting in 2017 to the clients that enroll in Zone Advantage Program through the annual program fee or included in the purchase of the equipment.  Discounts and savings may change without notice.



More than just laser tag!

At Zone Laser Tag, we offer much more than just laser tag vests and phasers. Click the images below to see why more operators trust Zone!

  • Software


    The HELIOS Laser Tag Software offers a variety of features to help in the operations of your system.

    With our incredible software features, operators can access touchscreen technology, Android tablet compatible software and print or reprint game scorecards. You can also view games or minutes played, online devices, license details, pay for play status and vests status and much more!

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  • Financing


    Zone Laser Tag offers numerous financing plans to enable the industry's best laser tag equipment to be utilized in your facility.

    Our Best Price for any laser tag product will always be the cash price or the non-financed price. We offer an additional discount on the equipment pricing for those laser tag ventures that do not require financing from Zone Laser Tag. The cash discount price is also available to those who work with a strategic partner, Firestone Financial.

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  • Options


    HELIOS laser tag has more quality options to enhance the laser game experience than any of our competitors. Check out our exciting, innovative devices and software available to our HELIOS and HELIOS PRO clients below.

    Some of our amazing Helios options include, Mines, energizers, arena targets, game stations, memberships, player information kiosks and more!

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  • News


    Keep up with the latest Zone Laser Tag installations and news announcements!

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  • Research


    Avoid costly mistakes and learn revenue generating techniques based on our 25+ year experience in the industry!

    Our staff have written several articles that can help operators make their laser tag attractions a huge success and avoid bad ideas and practices that have popped up in our industry.

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Incredible Industry Track Record in Sales and Support

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