Dropbox Files for Operators


Zone operators have an incredible resource at their fingertips! Every Zone operator can gain access to our Dropbox folder containing a plethora of marketing materials, briefing videos, technical guides and more!

We've spent countless hours developing and fine-tuning every document and image in our Dropbox materials. We're also constantly updating and uploading new files, so check out the folders again to see what else is new.

If you are a Zone Laser Tag operator and don't yet have acess to the files and folders for your system, contact us and we'll get you the link so you can start customizing your marketing materials today!


dropbox files

These are a list of files that we provide our operators:

briefingvideoBriefing Videos

  • With Memberships and Targets
  • With Memberships Without Targets
  • With Targets Without Memberships
  • Without Membershps and Targets
  • Animated Briefing Videos
  • Briefing Video Script


  • Customer Order Forms
  • HeliosPROBBOGCoverCustomer Repair Forms
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Parts Order Form
  • Preventative Maintenance Sheet
  • Repair Order Form


  • Accident Report
  • Big Book of Achievements
  • Big Book of Games for Helios and Helios PRO
  • Allie1Technical Guide
  • Leagues and Tournaments Manual
  • Membership Levels and Ranks Manual
  • Membership Processing Document
  • Operations Manual

Marketing Images

  • Arena Maps
  • Birthday Marketing
  • Buy-One-Get-One Free Passes
  • Business Card Designs
  • Computer Monitor Advertising
  • Corporate Marketing
  • TechnoCDCoverFacility Information Tri-fold
  • Fonts/Letterhead/Logos
  • Game Passes
  • Groups
  • Membership Card Designs
  • One-Third Sheet Marketing Flyers
  • Pricing Board
  • Rules Board
  • Workbook CoverScorecards
  • Target Posters
  • Vest Points Poster
  • Zone Model Images

Royalty Free Arena Music

  • CD 1: Techno
  • CD 2: Hardcore
  • CD 3: 8-Bit Battle
  • CD 4: Blacklight Beats
  • "The Beginning of the End" The Zone Arena Music Vol 1

Training Workbook

  • Customizeable Training Workbook- from opening your attraction to closing it down

If there's something you'd like us to consider adding or developing for our operators, please contact us and let us know. We're want to provide that next level of service you won't find anywhere else but Zone Laser Tag and we're willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

Please note that many of the files in the Dropbox folders require specific programs. .PDF files require Adobe Reader;  .XCL files require Microsft Excel, and  .PSD files require Photoshop.  Zone does not provide the necessary software to open the files and the client should ensure that they have access to the programs.

Learn more about our successful operators offering training at their facilities for incoming operators.

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For more information, you can download our Pricing Guide or call us at 866-966-3797.