Pay For Play Financing


heliosguy1The Pay-For-Play Program can be an affordable program that allows a new laser tag attraction to up and open.

Pay-For-Play requires a 50% deposit of the purchase price and the balance is paid off at the rate of $0.15 per game minute.  A game minute is one laser tag pack in play for 1 minute of the game time.  So if 10 players played a 10 minute game the system would subtract 100 game minutes from the outstanding inventory of 5000 game minutes.

The minimum purchase is 5000 game minutes for a total of $750.00 for the block of game minutes.  Each block will cost $750 and will be deducted from the balance owed of the laser tag system. For example, if the client owed $20,000 on their system then the first set of 5000 game minutes at $0.15/minute purchased at the rate of $750 would be subtracted and the client would then owe only $19,250, then $18,500, then $17,750 and so on until the system is completely paid off.

All outstanding balances must be paid off within 18 months of the initial purchase.

The client shall log onto a secure website and purchase a block of game minutes through PayPal and be issued a software code authorizing the game computer to run for the next 5000 game minutes.  The client can either use their own PayPal account or utilize the PayPal interface without registering for an account.  All payments for the Pay-For-Play must be done through the PayPal interface.

Client must meet the Zone Credit Criteria.

For more information on our financing program, please contact one of our sales representatives at: 866-966-3797.

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