Helios Languages


In North America, people visit from all over the world, and when they're in your area, they want to be entertained with laser tag. What if your equipment could cater to those who spoke completely different languages with a push of a button?

japanese pack phaser webNo longer is it necessary to upload languages per country - all our languages are in-built and selectable via the handheld or tablet. Multiple languages can occur in a single game.

The list of available languages for our Helios Pro Laser Tag system are:

  • English
  • Russian - русский
  • Chinese - 中文
  • French - français
  • Spanish - Español
  • Portuguese - Português
  • German - Deutsche
  • Japanese - 日本語
  • Arabic - اللغات

Our Helios Pro equipment can help your customers understand what's going on in the arena regardless of any language barrier that could exist.  

Our video motion scoreboards keep the action and excitement going until the last second of every game!

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