Mobile Operations Control (MOC)

MOCBannerOur Mobile Operations Control (MOC) makes running games and conrolling various functionalities for your packs and arena simple and puts the power in your hands literally. 


The MOC is a program designed to allow specific controls for your Helios and Helios PRO systems run from any android device (though we provide a Galaxy S4 phone for this purpose). All you have to do is log in with your provided username and password and connect to your computer via Wi-Fi and you'll have complete control over your laser tag attraction without having to stand in front of your game computer.

The MOC provides a simple way for you, as an operator, to know what's going on in your laser tag attraction at all times. Which packs have batteries that need to be charged? Which packs are in need of maintenance? Is there a game going on in your arena right now? The MOC can answer these and much more any time you want to obtain that information.


Here are a list of controls you'll have with your MOC device:

  • Referee Management - start and stop vests, administer penaltys and/or see the remaining time and team scores
  • Includes Infrared capabilities for quick data transmission
  • Full Color smart phone touch screen with easy to understand instructions
  • Changing Languages on the Vests - included languages are English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Portugese, German and Japanese
  • Running Special Modes (e.g. Vest Singing Happy Birthday Packs)
  • Running Advanced Game Formats - any game available in your game software
  • Programming Reloads and Mines - control your arena accessories
  • Managing Vest IDs
  • Managing Multiple Arenas
  • Maintenance Tests - get notified when any issue arises with your vests immediately
  • Vest Location Tests - find the vest you need in a split second
  • Instant Fault Notifications for Packs
  • Battery Voltage Tracking for Each Vest - Keep your vests going and know when charging is necessary
  • Change Pack Colors
  • Change Vesting Rack Colors
  • And More functionality being added!

We also provide a series of instructional videos on how to use the MOC specifically in all these instances. These simple how-to videos were created specifically to walk operators through each part of the MOC and give you an idea of what your handheld device is capable of. 

Never before has a laser tag system been so easy to use and configure. You and your staff can have complete control over your laser tag attraction.

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