Manilla Mad For NexusFEC - First NexusFEC Installed in the Philippines!

The Philippines just received the best selling laser tag product, NexusFEC, for a new stand alone business located in Manilla.

Lazer Extreme, located on the fourth floor of Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, opened on May 20 to great fan fare.

Maureen Scherrie Delantar, marketing and operations manager, was quoted for a local publication and stated:"LazerXtreme Arena in Market! Market! was built with the “family in mind,” said Delantar."LaserXtreme Arena’s laser tag game uses a combination of sensors, laser technology, and customized software to make the experience as surreal as a computer game.Even the theme is partly inspired by computer games. It has a high-tech airlock, which is a briefing room, and a roomful of specially designed vests with blinking sensors that players will wear during a game. All in all, the arena theme looks more like the interior of a spaceship, said Delantar.