Nexus swaps out another LaserTrek system

Action Territory

December 20, 2008 - Action Territory, a family entertainment center in Kenosha, WI has traded in their old LaserTrek system for a 20 player NexusFEC.

John Neilson, the General Manager for Action Territory Fun Center was so impressed by the NexusFEC laser tag system at the IAAPA 2008 show that he kept bringing his staff members to the booth.

John was attending the IAAPA 2008 show with the intention to replace his aging LaserTrek system.  John and his business partners considered all the competing manufacturers and was very impressed with NexusFEC.

A deal with struck at the IAAPA trade show but we had to meet the deadline of installing no later than December 19, 2008 and we beat that deadline by arriving 5 days early. Action Territory was able to keep their existing laser tag arena and the NexusFEC system was quickly installed in less than 6 hours.  Action Territory also had the illuminated vesting racks installed.

To learn more about Action Territory, please visit their Website or call 262-857-7000.