NexusFEC Added to Largest Duckpin Bowl Center

August 15, 2008 - The world's largest duckpin bowling center, based in Newington, CT, is adding a NexusFEC laser tag system.

Kim & Dick Bisson, owners of T-Bowl Lanes, located at 56 Costello Road, Newington, CT, has undergone a major million dollar renovation re-theming their entire facility. They planned to add laser tag as an attraction from the very initial planning stages.

Kim & Dick researched the laser tag industry and selected the industry's best selling product - NexusFEC laser tag. A 30 player system is being installed into a uniquely themed laser tag arena.

Creative Works will provide a 4500 sq. ft. knights themed arena with 2 levels. The arena will have numerous themed props tied into the interactive components of the NexusFEC equipment.

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