NexusFEC Swaps out another Fiber Optic system

Branson Familiy Fun Center

A 16 player NexusFEC laser tag system was recently installed replacing a fiber optic laser tag system LESS THAN SIX MONTHS OLD!

Branson Family Fun Center opened in May 2007 with a fiber optic laser tag system but after numerous complications due to a lack of durability and reliability, owner Bill Hill had had enough.

He was aware of NexusFEC before he opened but the system would not be available before his grand opening date. After trying for nearly six months to utilize the fiber optic system he was ready for a change.

So on October 28, 2007 Zone Laser Tag installed a 16 player NexusFEC system and during the next weekend the Branson Family Fun Center operated with no interuptions and guests were extremely satisfied.

To learn more about Branson Family Fun Center, please visit their website.