Skate Estate Swaps Out Old Equipment, Installs NexusFEC

Skate Estate

September 30, 2008 - It was 1994.  Over 14 years ago.  Skate Estate of Vestal, NY installed Laser Storm in a 2000 sq. ft. arena. It was state of the art... back then.

Now, NexusFEC laser tag, the best selling equipment to the skating, bowling and fun center industry, is going to be installed in early October. Ken Fontana wanted to replace his old equipment and narrowed his selection down to 2 manufactures. He had a choice between providing the best laser tag system or something that was just a "Basic Blast".

Ken opted for quality, features and durability over low price and minimal features.  Ken realized that basic laser tag is boring laser tag.  NexusFEC is what his customers deserve.To learn more about Skate Estate, please visit their website or call them at 607-797-9000.