All Star Lanes Adds NexusFEC

All Star Lanes

December 1, 2009 - All Star Lanes, located in Toole, UT, is installing a 20-player NexusFEC laser tag system in their new renovation.  Brad Shepherd, owner of All Star Lanes, is expanding his attractions to include a 3,500 square foot laser tag arena.

Brad Shepherd attended the Bowl Expo 2009 and after conferring with Brunswick Bowl New Construction consultants who recommeded theNexusFEC product, Brad sat down with the Zone Laser Tag sales team.

All Star Lanes had some old conference space that was underutilized and Brad felt that NexusFEC laser tag and a Space Quest themed arena would become a substantial revenue generator for the facility.

NexusFEC laser tag is becoming the product of choice for quality bowling facilities looking to improve or enhance their facility.