Boomer's Fun Center installs NexusFEC


December 18, 2008 - Boomers Family Fun Center in Avondale, PA has installed a 14-player NexusFEC system.

Owner Harry Bitzberger was impressed after receiving a demonstration of the NexusFEC system and knew he needed a quality mid-range product for his fun center in these tight economic times. 

Harry's goal is to ensure repeat play and guests satisfaction in his new 3000 sq. ft. arena.  He knew laser tag was vital for increasing his overall sales.

Boomer's has been in the Avondale, PA area for years and is an outstanding member of the community.  The fun center has constantly focused on providing the best fun at a modest price.  NexusFEC laser tag will help Boomer's maintains its vision.

To learn more about Boomers Fun Center, please visit their website or by calling (610) 268-5678.