Great Skates in Lafayette Drops Runner for RIFT

Great-Skates-LogoAugust 20, 2013 - Great Skates Fun Center, located in Lafayette, Indiana, decided to retire their used Lazer Runner equipment and offer a higer quality experience by swapping their gear to the RIFT Blaster System.


Great Skates Grand OpeningBrian Eversman, owner of Great Skates Fun Center, bought the facility at an auction. The business, before-renovation, was just not doing that well financially. Having come from a family with a roller skating background, Brian is determined to make the facility work and become profitable again. 

Of course to make that happen, he needed a laser tag system with a proven track record of being profitable in the skating industry. Since no other supplier is as trusted in the skating industry as Zone Laser Tag, Brian contacted Zone to see about purchasing and installing a RIFT Blaster system.

If you're an owner of a skating facility and you'd like to install or replace a worn-out laser tag system, feel free to contact us and request more information on how our equipment stands apart from our competition.