Another Lazer Runner swaps to NexusFEC

October 1, 2011 - The 24 Lazer Runner packs showed up at our office.  Only 3 years old.  Already falling apart.  The packs, the sentry pods, the batteries and more.  Off in the distance, you could hear ...

Fast Lanes Entertainment

the guests shreiking with glee as they enjoyed their brand new 24 player NexusFEC at the...

fastlaneFast Lanes Entertainment Center in Lowell, AR.  This megaplex of adrenaline that provides fun, excitement and a sense of community had the best go karts, the best lazer maze, the best arcade and the best food in the Bentonville, AR area.

Chris Moore and his wife wanted to provide something to their community that was lacking.  After three years in business, they felt that they could do a better laser tag experience.  They swapped out their old Lazer Runner for the laser tag industry's best equipment - NexusFEC.  But they also revamped the old arena and had it rethemed to The Philosopher's Stone, a sort of medivel sorcery theme.

To learn more about Fast Lane Entertainment, please visit their website.