Feasterville PA gets RIFT Blaster, removes Lazer Runner

Brunswick Bowling

March 10, 2011 - Zone Laser Tag has has just completed the sixth installation for Brunswick Zone XL.  The new installation was in Feasterville, PA and Zone Laser Tag installed a 20 player RIFT Blaster system.

Zone Laser Tag has been working with Brunswick Zone XL for the past 4 years.  Brunswick Zone XL's are the corporate owned or managed massive entertainment centers throughout the country with a bowling-anchored multiple attractions facility.  Brunswick Zone XL's serve their community as a place for both adults and families can come and enjoy quality time together.

RIFT Blaster is a high end, real time radio tag system delivered at a low price point. Using the most comfortable vesting system ever developed, it showcases Zone’s amazing ability to consistently deliver high quality player interactivity, feedback, visibility, comfort and ease of operation.

The 2500 sq. ft. arena was also renovated by Creative Works who installed an Avater-style hemed arena. This theme, known as Earth Quest, transports players to a distant planet where a futuristic industrialized world encroaches upon an untamed rainforest of twisted trees, strange creatures, and colorful species of plants.  This quest highlights the beauty that the earth provides with bright greens and blues while bringing the look of some of the top video games into the laser tag arena.   This greatly enhanced arena created laughter and smiles amongst the first new players who got to experience it.