RIFT Installs at Greenwood Incredible Pizza

Americas Incredible Pizza Company

September 5, 2011 - Greenwood Incredible Pizza is adding a 16-player RIFT Blaster to their highly successful venue near Indianapolis.

The America’s Incredible Pizza Company location in Indianapolis, IN is partially under construction, gearing up for their newest attraction.  In October, they will open a brand new laser tag arena which will be designed and installed by Creative Works Theme Factory (www.LaserTagWorld.com).  The rest of the facility will remain open while construction is underway.  This 2,100 square foot laser tag arena will be the first location in the world to showcase Creative Works’ newest theme, Cyber Quest.

Cyber Quest is a journey into the digital dimension; the world of the computer.  Players will enter a realm that resembles the heart of a motherboard.  The landscape will be littered with circuits and transducers, creating a complex maze for players to navigate during the game.  The center of the arena will be anchored by the Cyber Tower.  This 12’ tall glowing, 3D prop acts as both a visually stimulating element, as well as a landmark to help guests find their way through the arena.

This attraction will compliment a variety of different games at the facility including mini golf, mini bowling, bumper cars, go-karts, and Lazer Frenzy.  With such a great selection of entertainment options, guests won’t have any trouble finding a way to have fun.  Stay tuned for more information as the staff at America’s Incredible Pizza Company gets closer to unveiling this new attraction.