Edison’s Entertainment Complex Includes Rift Blaster

Edison's Entertainment LogoMay 25, 2012 - Edwardsville, Illinois now has an exciting Bowling Entertainment Center called Edison’s Entertainment Complex which opened with a 20 player Rift Blaster system.

In their laser tag arena called Gaia’s Quest, you are dropped into the mechanical, man-made world of robots and machinery as they attempt to invade the pure, unpolished beauty of Gaia’s natural landscape. Players will be given a code name in the Mission Control room and escorted to the Observation Deck to suit up with their laser gun and vest. Once you are briefed on your mission, players can enjoy the sound effects, hazers, specialty lighting, 3D elements, and black light reflective images of the arena that leave you ablaze with excitement.

“Edison’s is an impressive BEC,” said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag. “As more bowling centers keep adding Rift Blaster to their attraction mix, more upcoming operators want to provide the same experience. Our reputation makes Rift Blaster the clear choice for anyone wanting to replicate the success of these locations.”

To check out Edison’s Entertainment Complex on the web, click HEREEdison's Entertainment Laser Tag