Extreme Laser Tag Expands to Richmond Virginia

Xtreme Laser TagMarch 31, 2012 - Extreme Laser Tag continues to expand into new areas of the country, this time to Richmond Virginia with a 60 payer NexusFEC system.


Xtreme Laser TagThe facility’s website speaks for itself: “Extreme Laser Tag and Video Arcade is famous as the best laser tag arena in the Richmond area! Our Laser Tag and Family Video Arcade is "The Ultimate Laser Adventure" - serious fun for all ages - completely equipped for birthday parties, casual play, groups, teens, adults, youth groups, church groups, company parties, fundraisers and more!”

“Extreme Laser Tag keeps coming back to the equipment that generates them the most revenue, and that’s Nexus.” Said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag. “With a proven track record like Extreme Laser Tag’s facilities, the laser tag system is a vital part of their business. Nexus works and brings the professional feel they are looking for in each of their locations.”