FlipSide Invites Families to Enter their Universe with Nexus

Flipside Entertainment

December 15, 2012 - Continuing the line of Bowling Entertainment Centers addingNexus to their attraction mix, FlipSide in Gilbert, Arizona offers a variety of casual and exciting options to their customers stopping in to their universe.

Flipside Map

FlipSide states on their website: Go on a vacation around the corner. Play instead of work. Eat the jelly filling before the donut. In our universe, the bowling lanes are alcohol-free, duels are settled with laser beams and squashy foam projectile cannons, and kids play in an area kept so clean that even parents will want to eat off of it. Hop on board and give FlipSide a try!

“At FlipSide, you really are entering their world,” stated Erik Guthrie of Zone Laser Tag. “They want you to be able to leave your worries and cares behind you as they provide a variety of attractions to encourage family fun. Customers visiting FlipSide are in for a real treat when they walk in the door.”

You can find out more about FlipSide and their universe at www.exploreflipside.com