Fun Fest Reinvests in Their Laser Tag Experience by Adding Rift

Fun Fest LogoOctober 30, 2012 - There are many well established laser tag facilities that are now 15 years old or older. When you’ve been around as long as Fun Fest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, keeping your facility fresh and upgrading your laser tag system is inevitable.


Rift GirlFun Fest opened its doors in 1996 and started off with a 24 player Laser Storm system. Now, after 16 years, James Rudolph, owner of Fun Fest, has replaced that system with a new Rift Blaster set of equipment and renovated their 4,000 square foot arena, essentially re-introducing their laser tag attraction to their guests.

“This is the type of thing many operators should consider.” Said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag. “Facilities that have been around several years need to revitalize their attraction to keep guests coming back and re-introduce that excitement to their market. Other entertainment venues do this all the time, so why not laser tag facilities or FEC’s? Revitalizing your attraction shows that you care about the experience your customer is having and Fun Fest has done just that.”

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