House of Bounce Becomes Home to RIFT

house of bounce

April 19, 2012 – House of Bounce became the new home to a 10-player RIFT system provided by Zone Laser Tag.

The state-of-the-art laser tag system will be operated in an arena that House of Bounce created themselves.

Jenny Pace and her partners chose to build their own laser tag arena, located in Russellville, Alabama. A few of Zone Laser Tag’s customers build their own Arena, so Zone provides the client with the “Build Your Own Zone Arena” program. This gives the entrepreneur more than 20 years of experience and gives them free important services to clients like Pace. She made an easy decision to go with the RIFT system because RIFT’s manufacturer, Zone Laser tag, is the world’s largest laser tag system in the world and the RIFT blaster was perfect for their facility and customers.

The 10-player RIFT system is being installed in mid-April of 2012. House of Bounce was one of the quickest deals Zone Laser Tag has ever had; it only took 21 days after the signing for the installation to occur. “We love it when the customer is satisfied so quickly.” Said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag, “we look forward to giving their customers a fresh new option for entertainment.”

For more information about House of Bounce, please visit their Facebook page.