Incredible Pizza Company Opens another Facility with Rift Blaster

Incredible Pizza CompanyDecember 16, 2012 - Incredible Pizza Company has opened several locations across the country these past few years. One of their staple attractions in these new facilities is laser tag and there’s only one company they keep coming back to for their attractions, and that’s Zone Laser Tag.


Incredible Pizza Company

The latest IPC location to open is in St. Louis, Missouri and they have opened with a 24 player Rift Blaster System and 2,600 square foot arena.

IPC’s website states, “Speed to the finish in an exhilarating racing ride, zap your friends in our thrilling laser tag arena, bowl a strike in mini bowling, win awesome prizes and indulge in all of the fun and exciting games at our world famous Fairgrounds!”

“Incredible Pizza Company has developed a great relationship with Zone Laser Tag.” Said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag. “Time and time again, they’ve chosen us for their laser tag provider, which speaks volumes about the quality and service of our Rift Blaster and Nexus equipment. They’ve had incredible (no pun intended) success with us and keep delivering great laser tag experiences for their guests.”

To find an Incredible Pizza Company near you, visit their website HERE