Nomads Drops Inferior System and Upgrades to Fun

Nomads Adventure LogoOctober 15, 2012 - Nomad’s Adventure Quest in Windsor, Connecticut is no stranger to family fun. With a huge selection of attractions, laser tag was a natural fit to their facility. After a few years of using Lazer Runner, Doug Nation, the owner of Nomads, decided it was time to switch to a superior laser tag system.

Nomads Adventure Quest offers an impressive 5,000 square foot arena and installed a 30 player Rift Blaster laser tag attraction. 

With a huge selection of attractions including a mechanical bull, mini-bowling lanes, blacklight mini-golf, bumper cars, whirling dervish, rock climbing wall, basketball courts, arcade, and bounce houses, laser tag doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Nomad’s website tells its customers up front: You can be overcome by the subduing lighting, glowing towers, and heart-pounding music or you can use it to your advantage and blast your opponents with your laser and score before they even see you coming. It’s hide and seek taken to a whole new level.

“When the Rift Blaster system hit the market, many existing Lazer Runner operators jumped at the chance to switch laser tag products.” Said Erik Guthrie with Zone Laser Tag. “The bright colors, easy to tag sensors, affordable price, and overall look and feel of the Rift Blaster system just takes our customers breath away. Switching laser tag systems has never made more sense.”

To check out Nomads Adventure Quest on the web, visit their website HERE

Nomad's Adventure Quest