QC Family Entertainment Brings Bowls over Competition with Rift

QC Family Entertainment LogoAugust 26, 2012 - It’s not easy creating a unique entertainment facility, but to truly stand out from your competition, you have to go the extra mile in your execution. Frank Mirobelli, owner of QC Family Entertainment has created a truly impressive bowling facility and included a 20 player Rift Blaster System to maximize the fun.


QC Entertainment BowlingQC Family Entertainment has a 48,500 square foot facility that features 32 bowling lanes. 24 in which are laid out in the conventional style along with 8 lanes in a boutique style equipped with leather couches all in its own private area for league, open, and corporate bowling! Inside you will also find a 3,000 square foot laser tag arena.

QC includes Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill that serves the Miroballi family Chicago-style pizza! The restaurant is large enough to accommodate 120 people and features 10+ high definition big screen televisions to satisfy your sports cravings! Now that’s impressive.

“Bowling Entertainment Centers have really begun to combine that luxury feel with high-end entertainment,” said Erik Guthrie with Zone Laser Tag. “QC Family Entertainment is one of those facilities. Adding Rift Laser Tag to this establishment was a great choice and offers families a thrilling option when they walk through the doors. Moline, Illinois has a fantastic facility that’s worth a visit if you’re in the area and looking for ideas on how to do it right.”

You can check out the images of QC Family Entertainment by visiting their website HERE