Race to Victory with Lightspeed Go Karts and Laser Tag

Lightspeed LogoJanuary 23, 2012 - Excitement doesn’t begin to describe the fun that can be had at Greenfield, Wisconsin’s newest go-kart and laser tag facility, Lightspeed!

Lightspeed laser tagExperience the thrill of indoor go-kart racing and the action-packed excitement of laser tag at Lightspeed Laser Tag in Milwaukee Wisconsin! With a 10th of a mile go kart track, a 30 player, 4500 sq. ft. laser tag arena and an arcade, Lightspeed is your destination for family fun in the Milwaukee area.

The top of the line laser tag system with real-time scoring and multiple game types including free for all and team based game play make laser tag an addicting experience for anyone.

“Customers coming to Lightspeed are there for a thrilling time.” Said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag. “Adding laser tag to an already fast paced, intense facility just makes sense. Their guests won’t be let down with the maximum fun that awaits them.”