Wildwood Removes Lasertron, Installs RIFT

wildwood highalnds

May 29, 2012- Wildwood Highlands Family Fun Center has signed with Zone Laser Tag to install a 20-player RIFT system into their arena.

The fresh RIFT Blaster replaced the old, bulky Lasertron equipment the facility had been using for nearly ten years.

Wildwood Highlands Family Fun Center is located in Wildwood, Pennsylvania and is owned by Vince Rutlidge. Vince recently visited the IAAPA trade show in April and was introduced to the RIFT Blaster. Afterwards Vince decided that the RIFT laser tag was much sleeker and more advanced than the old Lasertron equipment he was using at the time. So he chose to replace the aging and heavier Lasertron and bring in the fresh, state-of-the-art RIFT system from Zone Laser Tag.

The RIFT laser tag was installed on May 29, 2012, Zone Laser Tag will be installing this new equipment ahead of time so they can meet Vince’s schedule for the upcoming summer rush. “Whatever the client needs us to do.” Says Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Zone Laser Tag, “We strive to have the best relationship with the client so we can work together to please the customers, and if the customers are happy, everyone’s happy.”

For more information about Wildwood Highlands, please visit their website.