All Skate Rolls Out the Fun in Jackson, Michigan

All Skate LogoJanuary 3, 2013 - Many Laser Storm operators have been swapping out their equipment for new and improved systems. The Rift Blaster system is a fantastic choice for such a switch, as Mark Oliver, owner of All Skate has discovered.


All Skate Rift Tag

All Skate offers another unique option to their customers who visit their facility. Besides a massive roller rink and a 24 player Rift Blaster laser tag attraction, they also incorporate a ZUMBA class for those interested in getting into shape.

“All Skate is a classic roller rink at first glance,” said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag. “Even though laser tag has been a staple attraction for years, Mark saw the importance of updating his laser tag system to bring that fresh appeal to his customers, many of whom have been visiting his facility for years. Rift laser tag is perfect for these types of re-investments into existing laser tag attractions. That’s why other skating operators who use the Rift Blaster system recommend it to other operators looking to add or upgrade their attraction.”

To see images of All-Skate’s facility, please visit their website HERE