Zone Laser Tag Installs Over 50% of all 2012 Laser Tag Attractions

March 1, 2013 - Zone Laser Tag has installed more laser tag locations in 2012 than all the competitors combined in North America. This makes Zone Laser Tag the best selling laser tag supplier for the 6th year in a row.


The laser tag industry continues to grow and expand throughout North America. Approximately 83 new installations occured throughout the United States and Canada, growing the industry by approximately 9% in a difficult economy. Zone Laser Tag, Inc. supplied laser tag equipment to 44 of the 83 locations resulting in a nearly 53% market share of the new installations. This number includes both new locations and swap outs that happened during the industry.

Additionally, Zone Laser Tag has the distinction of having over 50% of the swap out market convert to Zone Laser Tag in 2012. A swap out is when an existing laser tag facility or attraction switches from one manufacturer to a different manufacturer. This is the second year in a row where Zone Laser Tag has been the #1 choice of existing operators laving their previous supplier and switching to Zone Laser Tag.

The chart does not include all the installations that Zone Laser Tag had for Mexico, Central and South America. We intend to release those sales numbers shortly. The chart also doe not include Upgrades which is an existing Zone Operator removing their old existing Zone equipment and installing the newest state-of-the-art laser tag systems.

The chart was compiled based on the infomration publically available on various manufacturers websites and/or after direct consultation with the competitor. If a company made a claim without verifiable proof, the claim was not listed.

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