Adventure Realm Brings the Medieval Laser Tag to Chicago

adventurerealmlogoNovember 7, 2014 - Adventure Realm, located in Downers Grove, Illinois just installed a 24 player Helios Laser Tag System and Creative Works arena.

Adventure Realm, formerly Magic Quest, just re-opened in its new location as Adventure Realm with a laser tag attraction that is known as Knight’s Quest. Jim Legner, owner of Adventure Realm, spoke with us about his decision to move his location and rebuild his business from the ground up.

“The traffic we had at Magic Quest was fantastic,” said Legner. “but we thought it would be even better if we could add more attractions and a food service area. So we closed our business and started searching for a building that could hold everything we wanted to do, and it took almost 3 years to find it.”

“I attended Foundations and met Erik Guthrie there where he sold me on the idea of laser tag and kept me informed on the industry. Now we’re trying to create a double-header amusement center that pulls people in on both laser tag and the Magic Quest adventure, appealing to an even larger customer base. We can’t wait for the facility to be completed and share our adventure with even more customers.”

To learn more about Adventure Realm and their attractions, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.