Delta Strike’s Nearest Operator to Support Center Switches to Zone


Xtreme Laser Tag, Located Just Miles from Delta Strike North American Service Center Switches to Zone After Just 15 Months


March 31, 2014 - Xtreme Laser Tag, located in Avon, Indiana just swapped their 24 player Delta Strike equipment to a 26 player Helios Laser Tag System.  Xtreme Laser Tag is the premiere stand-alone laser tag facility on the west side of Indianapolis and was the closest store to Delta Strike’s US corporate office in Indianapolis.

Owner Gary Modisett had opened the Avon facility in December of 2012, but after a little over a year, the Delta Strike System was having some major issues. On average 25-40% of their packs were down during the busy winter months and with little support, Gary called Zone to swap out the broken equipment.

When things started to go bad, Gary knew that he could count on Zone to provide a quality product at a great price to help save his facility. Gary is the owner of two laser tag locations, the first being Planet X in Terre Haute, Indiana which also uses Zone Laser Tag equipment.


“I was originally sold on Delta Strike,” said Gary Modisett “and I was assured that service and support would be reliable because I was very close to their warehouse. Instead, when phaser cords and boards started to go bad, I had to deal with the New Zealand office to get new parts which were then delayed coming from China. We missed a huge chance to make money this winter season because there were days we were down as many as 10 packs. I had to make a decision to save my business.”

To check out Xtreme Laser Tag’s website, click here.

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