Demolition Ball Upgrades to Nexus PRO

logo-web2December 15, 2014 - Demolition Ball, located in St. Charles, MO, just upgraded their Nexus equipment for a 30 player Nexus PRO system. 

Demolition Ball is home of Adrenaline Zone, St. Louis's most exciting laser tag attraction. Ray Filas, owner of Demolition Ball, is a long time client and friend of Zone Laser Tag, opening their attraction in 2005. This is also their second upgrade of Zone equipment which is sure to excite Adrenaline Zone customers!

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"Ray Filas is a fantastic operator." said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag, "He knows exactly how to impress his guests and is always looking to improve his customer's experience. Just a couple years ago, they turned their briefing into an interactive experience unlike anything we'd seen an operator do outside of an amusement park. It's worth going to visit Adrenaline Zone just for that, but now you've got top of the line laser tag to back that experience up. We look forward to working with Ray in the future to continue growing the experience we're sure he'll create."

To check out Demolition Ball's website and see their Adrenaline Zone laser tag attraction and arcade, visit their website by clicking here.