Roseland Bowl Overhauls with Helios

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March 11, 2014 - Roseland Bowl, located in Canadaigua, New York recently underwent a $750,000 renovation to include more attractions, including a 4,000 square foot laser tag arena and a 26 player Helios laser tag packs.

rosewood2Jack Moran, owner of Roseland Bowl added an 18,000 square foot entertainment complex that features, 44 bowling lanes, laser tag arena, Time Freak, arcade, and bumper cars. Mr. Moran became involved in Roseland Bowl dating back to 1968 and bought the facility in 1984 and moved the facility to it's current location in 1990.

Bolwing Entertainment Centers (BEC's) have been opening or upgrading their facilities in greater numbers across the country for the past few years. One thing these operators seem to agree on is that laser tag and bowling go hand in hand. 

BEC owners like Jack Moran have come to trust the name that dominates a huge part of the bowling entertainment industry, Zone Laser Tag. With the versatility and price point the Helios system offers operators, its no wonder why Zone is the company of choice.

To read more about Roseland Bowl's incredible upgrade and visit their website, click here.