Team USA Wins Zone World Championships

baseduelsmallOctober 9, 2014 - The Zone Laser Tag World Championships were held on the Sunshine Coast in Australia on August 31st- September 5th and Team USA took home the first prize!

The Zone Laser Tag World Championships have been the proving ground for competitive laser tag for the past seven years. Seven-man teams from around the world practice and prepare for the ultimate showdown of skill and mastery of the Zone Laser Tag equipment.

base duel-5smallThere were 5 game categories for each team to place in during the tournament including team, solo, and elimination formats. Team USA won all 5 game categories and took the gold trophies, followed by the Australian team placing second and the Finland team placing third.

We want to congratulate all the placing teams and send a special thank you for all who participated this year. We look forward to next year's World Championship Tournament! 

If you're a Zone operator looking to hold your own tournament or league, contact us to download your copy of our Leagues and Tournaments Manual, a helpful tool to setting up your own events.