Helios Laser Tag Comes to the Mill

theMillLogoJuly 18, 2015 – The Mill, the high-end family entertainment center located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, just opened and installed a 20 player Helios Laser Tag system and ARC Laser Tag Arena.

The Mill isn’t your average entertainment facility. The owner, Mike Principato, meticulously planned the design, layout, theme, and props for his attractions with an industrial theme that has cultural significance to the customers in the Bethlehem area.

The Mill is opening with a 3,500 square foot laser tag arena, 18-hole indoor mini-golf, small arcade and a themed indoor food truck for a restaurant. (Food trucks often brought food to industrial workers in the industrial era of Pennsylvania)

“We kept the idea of the facility under wraps very tightly.” Said Mike Principato. “Bethlehem Steel and MAC Trucks originate in these areas and with the industrial heritage here, we wanted to capture that theme. We’ve given our customers familiar and important landmarks to see while they play here. This isn’t our first rodeo, owning a birthday-centric business, but this is the first time we’ve done anything like this with laser tag and an arcade.”

Mike also spoke with Zone Laser Tag about possible expansions. “We feel that this same style can work in other markets, capturing the heritage of each city these facilities are installed in to bring nostalgia to their customers. We’re also looking to franchise out this concept to other operators who want to do the same.”

If you’re looking at starting a high-end family entertainment facility and want to include laser tag, why not choose the industry’s best selling system? For more information on the Helios product, visit www.lasertag.com.

For more information on the Mill and to find out more information on possible franchise opportunities, visit their website by clicking here.