Helios Picks Up the Strikes and the Spares in Hendersonville

HendLogo-1July 28, 2015 – Strike & Spare Family Fun Center, located in Hendersonville, Tennessee just swapped out their old laser tag system that they had been using for a new 24 Player Helios Laser Tag System.

LarryCrhrystalStrikenSpare-webStrike & Spare was originally opened in June 1999 as a stand-alone bowling facility but then added laser tag to their attraction mix to spice up their customer experience and generate more revenue. After using their equipment for 16 years, they decided to swap their laser tag system for something new.

Crystal Moore, the General Manager of Strike & Spare, spoke with Zone Laser Tag about why they changed systems. “Our equipment was really not working very well at all.” Said Crystal. “The vests had become so old that they were constantly being repaired and it felt like a constant battle to keep our equipment running. So I convinced our owner Larry Schmittou to swap laser tag systems. We really liked the look and feel of Zone Laser Tag, so that’s what we went with.”

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