Splitsville Expands to Include Helios

splitsville-family-entertainment-centre-logoMay 18, 2015 – Splitsville Entertainment, located in Oakville, Ontario, just installed a 20 player Helios Laser Tag system and 3,000 square foot apocalyptic themed Creative Works arena.

Splitsville is the premiere Bowling Entertainment Center in Ontario. More than just your mom and dad’s bowling alley- Splitsville is proud to be Canada’s premier family entertainment facility, offering a variety of activities, including arcade games, pool tables, foosball and more.

We spoke with Tal Adler, District Manager for Splitsville on why they chose to add Laser Tag to their location. “Laser tag is legit fun.” Said Tal. “It appeals to both the athletic and adolescent. We wanted to move into the FEC market and it made us excited to be able to offer something as great as laser tag.”

We also asked why they chose Zone Laser Tag over the competition. “Our owner, Pat Haggerty, had a great relationship with Erik Guthrie and with Zone Laser Tag. When Erik spoke at Bowl Expo, he really left an impression on us about his knowledge of the industry.”

“The word of mouth was fantastic for Zone and we couldn’t say that about everyone else. When walking the trade show floor, the Zone employees seemed attentive like they actually cared about our project and weren’t just standing at their booths texting all the time.”

To learn more about Splitsville Entertainment, you can visit their website by clicking here