The Castle Replaces Old System for Helios PRO

thecastlelogoMay 20, 2015 - The Castle Laser Tag, located in Bowie, Maryland, just swapped out their used laser tag system for a brand new 36 player Helios PRO Laser Tag system.

From the Castle's website: Travel back in time to the world of castles and knights. The Wise Wizard will guide you into the multi-level environment of fog, lights and sounds. From the moment you venture inside, your adrenaline rushes as you navigate through the black light illuminated terrain, tagging your opponents while dodging their fire.

"Laser tag equipment, like any other type of attraction, requires maintenance and at times replacement." said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Zone Laser Tag. "We've swapped out many laser tag systems over the years and we continue to support and upgrade our older systems that are still in use. As some of these facilities continue to operate in their 15 plus years, we're happy to provide a system that can carry their business well into the future."

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For more information on the Castle Laser Tag, you can visit their website