3 Zone Operators Quoted in BCM Article "Adjusting to the Changing Times"

bcmlogoJanuary 12, 2016 - The January Bowling Center Management Magazine recently published an article called "Adjusting to the Changing Times," and inside 3 successful Zone Operators are quoted regarding their tranformation of stand alone bowling facilities to ones incorporating mor attractions, such as laser tag.

BCM Magazine has taken a thorough look at what is making bowling centers more profitable and extending their longevity. From newer startup businesses to bowling centers that have been open for 20+ years, one thing that is for certain is that those that have changed and incorporated more FEC elements have continued to grow and those that don't or can't have suffered economically.

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Laser Tag is one of those staple attractions that has done well in the bowling industry. In the article, Tim Corley, president of Bowl New England and owner of 7 locations utilizing Zone Laser Tag systems, is quoted on how incorporating laser tag has increased his sales and appealed to a much broader demographic.

Glenn Gable, owner of Gable House Bowl, mentions how imperative it is to constantly stay ahead of the curve and upgrade your facility to continue to wow both incoming and existing customers.

Brad Shepherd, Owner of All-Star Lanes in Sandy, Utah, mentions how he wanted to find the right attractions that would be good money makers and not just a place for kids. He believes that making a place where adults feel like they can stay and feel comfortable is a vital to the health of today's entertainment centers.

We at Zone Laser Tag are proud that our operators continue to grow and become even more profitable utilizing Zone Laser Tag equipment. We are dedicated to helping all of our operators become more successful, besides owning top of the line laser tag.

To read the article in it's entirety, you can click the image to the right.

(Images and article provided with permission from Bowling Center Management Magazine)