Helios Enjoys its Stay at Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Express Logo

May 1, 2016 – The Holiday Inn Express, located in Baxter Minnesota, has just installed a 24 player Helios Laser Tag System and an ARC Laser Tag Arena.

Many hotels in today’s economy are having to deal with the same reality as many family entertainment centers, adding attractions and performing renovations to appeal to and attract new customers. Hotels that offer entertainment attractions provide great incentive for traveling families looking for value in where they stay.

Chad Goedderz, owner of the Holiday Inn Express Franchise, talked to Zone Laser Tag about why they got into laser tag to begin with. “We knew that we had to renovate our hotel rooms which can be expensive.” Said Chad. “We already had a water park which families really enjoy, but we also wanted to offer a dry and fun option for both parties and older teenagers who stay at our hotel as well. We have over 300 hotel rooms that get used on weekends and that’s a lot of people looking for things to do while they are here.”

Chad also talked about why they chose Zone over the competition. “We didn’t know much about laser tag starting out but our two children went to play at a local Brunswick Zone and they loved the experience. They had the Helios product and we did some research on the company that provided the equipment and found Zone. We talked to Erik Guthrie who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in sharing information and operational experience. It wasn’t just the equipment that sold us, but the operations and help they provided on top of that.”

For more information on the Holiday Inn Express, you can visit their website HERE


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