TNT Laser Tag Brings the Bang with Helios

jlogoApril 22, 2016 – Jay Lanes Bowling, located in Douglasville, Pennsylvania, just installed an 18 player Helios Laser Tag system and Creative Works arena to their TNT Laser Tag attraction.

Jay Lanes is home to the best bowling in Berks County. Owner Renee Talkington knows there’s more to thriving bowling facilities in today’s culture than just offering the same bowling experience as the competition. That’s why they’ve expanded to include laser tag to bring the wow to their guests.

Renee spoke with Zone Laser Tag about their decision to get into laser tag. “We went to some bowler proprietor meetings at Bowl Expo.” Said Renee. “Terry Brennemen, the President of Bowler’s Supply showed us the numbers he was doing in laser tag and it was incredible. It seemed like a great way to supplement our income and we were sold.”

Renee also talked about why they chose Zone Laser Tag as well. “The vest design was a big deal to us. It’s lightweight and easy to use. We saw the equipment and were really impressed. Terry also spoke very highly of Zone and it carried a lot of weight with us.”

To learn more information about Jay Lanes and their TNT Laser Tag arena, you can visit their website


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