Bay Area Raceway Chooses Helios for Second Location

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March 2, 2016 - Bay Area Raceway, located in Dickinson, Texas, just installed a 20 player Helios Laser Tag system to their second go-karting facility.

Bay Area Raceway is the ultimate fun center in Dickinson designed to provide excitement and entertainment for everyone who makes a pit-stop in for a good time! The facility is known for their go-karting and arcade and now they can include laser tag as another incredible attraction. Bay Area Raceway is the second location to install Helios to their facility, the first being Speedy's Fast Track in Houston, Texas.

Josh purchased this laser tag system while visiting Zone's booth at IAAPA in the fall of 2015. Josh even included a testimonial for other operators looking for a quality laser tag system. You can watch it by clicking the image below.

We spoke with Josh about what got them into laser tag as an attraction. "We wanted to try a new attraction but we knew we needed more room, so we gutted an office area in the back of the facility and expanded so that we could have laser tag. It's been a phenomenal addition to the go-karting and gives players something to do when the weather isn't so nice outside."

Josh also talked about why his team chose to go with Helios for the second location. "We looked at every system available but we felt comfortable going with the system that we know the in's and out's of. Because of our experience running the system in Speedy's we knew our staff could help the Bay Area Raceway location if there were any problems."

To find out more information about Bay Area Raceway, you can visit their website.