Helios Pro Expands to the Outer Banks

flipperslogoJuly 15, 2016 – Flippers Variety Store and Arcade, located in Grandy, North Carolina, just installed a 16 player Helios PRO laser tag system and 3,000 square foot ARC Laser Tag Arena. Flippers is the ultimate arcade if you’re into pinball machines. With hundreds of games to play, everyone can find a machine that will be their favorite.

David Shields, owner of Flippers, spoke with Zone Laser Tag about why they got into laser tag to begin with. “There were two locations nearby that use laser tag in their facilities.” Said David. “Both do incredibly well, despite this being a very tourist-centric town, like Virginia Beach, and that shocked us. Then we went out and played it for ourselves and enjoyed it a lot. Both locations have been going on for over five years now and we were excited to get into the industry.”

David also spoke about why they chose Lasertag.com by Zone over the competition. “We really wanted to go with the best system out there. We did a search on the internet and found the Helios PRO system and it seemed light years ahead of everyone else. We knew we just needed to have it.”

For more information on Flippers Variety Store and Arcade, you can visit their website: http://www.flippersarcade.com.


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