Video Enhanced Bases Add New Dimension to Helios Games

VEBJune 14, 2016 - by Zone is proud to introduce a brand new feature for Helios and Helios Pro customers, Video Enhanced Bases!

Video Enhanced Bases, (VEB's) are a great new add-on to improve your gaming experience in your laser tag arena. Now players can get real time information and added visuals to go along with any game format that utilizes the arena bases.

The VEB's add a visual element to the already exciting and fast paced game of laser tag. The various video elements let the player know when the base has been tagged and keep tagging until the base is deactivated. Once the base is destroyed, the video switches to a recharge screen until the base is reactivated, generating a motion video for when the base is not under attack. 

These full motion videos can help set your facility apart from your competition. Check out the video of the VEB's in action below.

The VEB's are available to Helios and Helios Pro clients. If you'd like more information on what else the VEB's can do, Contact Us or talk to our sales staff at 866-966-3797.


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