Helios Comes to Play at Kidoolo Play Club

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October 20, 2016 – Kidoolo Play Club, located in Springfield, New Jersey, just opened their new family entertainment facility with a 12 player Helios Laser Tag system and ARC Laser Tag Arena.

laser tag 2Kidoolo Play Club is the newest entertainment center to open its doors with some great attractions for their customers. Their attractions include indoor climbing, laser tag, video games with ultra high definition screens and an interactive dance floor for those wanting to dance the day away!

Trish Stephens, owner of Kidoolo Play Club, spoke with LaserTag.com by Zone about what got them into laser tag in the first place. “We wanted an attraction that would appeal to all ages and was both fun and exciting. Laser tag provides that experience and we think our customers will be ecstatic!”

Trish also talked about why they chose Helios over the competition’s equipment. “We did a lot of research. Once we met Erik Guthrie, he took a lot of time and gave us an overview of the industry and technology and what the equipment could do. One of the more important things to us was the price point and market leadership Zone had.”

If you’re looking at adding a laser tag attraction, why not talk to our sales staff about how Helios can be a fantastic revenue generator for your family entertainment center? For more information on Kidoolo Play Club, you can visit their website www.kidooloplay.com.


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