by Zone Introduces Zone Gates

zonegate by Zone just announced our newest option for our Helios and Helios Pro laser tag systems, the Zone Gate!

Our Zone Gates are one of our newest options created for the Helios Pro Laser Tag system to add more excitement and game options to your laser tag arena!

The Zone Gate is a multi-functional arena doorway that can be captured and turned against opponents. It's lit with multicolor super-birght LED strips and incorporates speakers for that immersive interactivity that players crave.

Integrating our popular target technology, the Zone Gate can tag and be tagged by players and adds something special to the Zone game architecture. Put it at the entrance to bases so that players have to tag it to enter, or around the arena in strategic points.

These are the main components and how they integrate with your attraction:

  • Integrated Targets - Players can tag the gate to turn it their color
  • IR Transmitters - Interaction with player's vests
  • Speakers - Providing immersive audio feedback
  • Super-Bright LEDs - Light up your arena with pulsing light effects

Here are some of the game formats designed with the Zone Gate in mind.


To find out more information about the Zone Gates, Contact Us or call our sales staff at 1-866-966-3797.