Spice Up Your Arena with Our Royalty Free New Halloween Music

DarkWorldCDFrontSeptember 15, 2016 - LaserTag.com by Zone is proud to announce it's newest Royalty Free Music collection, DarkWorld Dance!

Our DarkWorld Dance album is specifically designed to add a spookier element to your laser tag arena. This exciting music album was requested by a Zone operator earlier in the year and we've been hard at work to make sure our operators have access to it during the fall season.

This 15 track album is available to all LaserTag.com by Zone operators and is located in the Operator Marketing Kit of the Zone DropBox. If you are a Zone operator and need access to the Operator Marketing Kit, simply contact us and let us know!

You can check out a sample of our new album below!

Download Name Play Size Duration
download DW-DreamCatchers-Prev
0.8 MB 0:32 min
download DW-HallowMan-Prev
0.7 MB 0:30 min
download DW-SplatterHouse-Prev
0.8 MB 0:32 min
download DW-TombofUnkown-Prev
0.7 MB 0:31 min