by Zone Introduces Revenue Calculation Guide

marketbroch2October 10, 2016 - by Zone has just released a new document for prospective clients to help determine their realistic laser tag revenue projections for their attraction.

When you are looking at purchasing a laser tag attraction, it is important to have a realistic expectation of how much revenue you can expect to generate annually, especially if you are planning on obtaining a small business loan from the bank. This document is designed to help guide you step by step to calculating your laser tag revenue. All you’ll need is a calculator and perhaps something to write on to keep track of your set variables. For the example of this document, we’ll be highlighting some average statistics, which can be easily swapped for your information to obtain results for your facility.

This 8 page document easily walks you through a sample average laser tag attraction and the steps to take to determine potential generated revenue. Simply swap out the sample facility's numbers with your own and see what kind of revenue you can expect to make with your laser tag attraction. 

You can download the Calculating Laser Tag Revenue Guide and more by clicking here.