Erik Guthrie Featured on A&E's Storage Wars

storagewarscoverMay 3, 2017 - A&E's hit television show, Storage Wars, just aired an episode which featured's own Vice President of Sales, Erik Guthrie, as their laser tag expert!

Storage Wars is one of A&E's most popular television shows since it debuted in 2010. Now in their most recent episode "Happiness is a Warm Laser Tag Gun," one of their stars finds a stash of World's of Wonder's brand of laser tag equipment from 1985 in their locker they purchased. 

Erik Guthrie, the world's leading authority on the laser tag industry and curator of the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, was flown out to California to examine the find and give an analysis to the equipment's value.

"When the show's directors called to ask me to be on the show," said Erik Guthrie, "I asked why they didn't just pick an operator in their area to be their laser tag expert. They said that they did talk to a number of operators, and they all recommended me as the world's leading authority on laser tag! I was honored to be on the minds of the operators when asked. So they bought me a ticket and I was able to be on their hit television show!"

To view Erik's part in the episode, click the image below:

erik storage wars play