Zone Introduces Installation Checklist for Helios Operators

Lasertag comByZoneLogo webAugust 8, 2017 - has just introduced two new operational manuals for incoming operators, called the Helios (CE or Pro) Software Installation Checklist. 

The Helios Software Installation Checklist helps operators to make sure that they are thoroughly trained on the introductory aspects of opening your laser tag attraction so that you and your staff know all the necessary steps to running your provided equipment successfuly. Zone has again stayed ahead of the equipment supplier curve by being the first to offer a checklist of necessary steps to the customer before installation. This checklist keeps all parties on the same page and includes a sign-off page for the operator to prove that they've been shown every step of the operational training required.

HeliosInstallChecklistCoverwebThis manual covers a variety of aspects, including:

  • Game Computer Startup
  • Control Center Icons Location
  • Arena Device Setup and Alteration
  • Printing Important Forms
  • Arena Audio Setup
  • Foyer Audio Setup
  • Pack Status Explaination
  • Game Profiles
  • Game Parameters
  • DMX Integration
  • Scoring Setup
  • Game and Bonus Features
  • Handicapping
  • Announcements
  • Environmental Controls
  • Playlists
  • Zeb Manager Control
  • Manual Walkthroughs
  • And More!

Incoming operators can find these manuals in their Operator Dropbox that Zone makes available to all their operators. Operators who require access to the Operator Dropbox Kit can contact us to gain access by email.